Calling all world-changing women… Imagine a luxury private retreat that will

ignite your senses

inspire your soul

pamper your body…

AND build your business.

In an old manor house set upon 376 acres of National Trust ground, The Luxe Retreat will re-write your business story, giving you the tools and vision to detonate self-limiting stories and discover your North star ambitions.

Expect a full cognitive reboot

led by high-calibre guidance that will defog your decision-making and sharpen your ability to make soul-aligned decisions.

Whether you’re an emerging leader, a six-figure star or at the start of your journey, you’ll emerge with a compelling vision for your business’ future, designed just for you, as written by the stars.



The theme of the retreat is YOU, and that’s where we shall start, with a comprehensive reading of your Numerology, Astrologyand Human Design Charts.

The rest will unfold from there, anchored by the gifts and challenge points already within you.

Our in-house branding expert, Chloe, will lead an initial brainstorm into your brand imagery and business strategy. Alchemising that vision and your energetic blueprint, we will curate a brand strategy that speaks of you, rearticulating your content and offerings and leaving no diamond unpolished.



An afternoon of really getting down to business will focus on mapping out a highly personalised business strategy and launch plan.

Harnessing your energetic blueprint, we will bring one-to-one focus to your specific situation in a practical-meets-purpose way. You will leave with an actionable roadmap, plotting offer suites, price points, lead magnets, trip wires, core offers, client journeys and SO much more.



Aspirational surroundings allow you to tap into a more inspired place and show up powerfully, so as well as working on a new vision for your business, you will enjoy a dazzling backdrop of luxury.

Everything from the champagne you sip to the sheets you sleep in has been designed to release you into an abundant mindset … where you’ll create the magic.

Feast on a 3-course dinner, sample the finest wines, wander around the iconic grounds and enjoy soothing spa treatments as you begin your climb to almighty heights.

When you know abundance, you can create abundance.

This retreat is an exclusive opportunity to work with me and my team in a 1:1, highly personalised and deeply immersive context.

I’m inviting you into my world and offering you a roadmap to building a soul-led business.


In-person (or virtual) full day coaching & strategy planning with Harriette and Chloe.

Includes lunch & refreshments throughout the day

London or Buckinghamshire


In-person full day coaching, strategy & brand creation day with Harriette and Chloe

Lunch, Dinner, Drinks & Refreshments throughout the day

We will work with you and for you on your business including the creation of copy & branding graphics alongside brainstorming, coaching & strategy creation for your next chapters. Includes follow up support over Telegram!


Two full days and an overnight stay at a luxury hotel in Buckinghamshire, England.

Lunch, Dinner & Drinks on the first day.

Breakfast & Lunch on the second day.

Spa treatment.

Photo shoot with Chloe. All images and videos are yours to keep.

Hair & Makeup Artist for your shoot.

A brand palette created for you by our in-house team (Chloe) including logos and graphics for your business / upcoming promotions / sales.

Two days of in-person 1:1 coaching, brainstorming, strategy planning, copy & content creation, marketing-material creation, mindset & energy work, with Harriette.

Includes follow up support over Telegram!

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss a payment plan option!


Hattie Cooper

“Synchronicity brought Harriette into my life in 2021 when I chanced upon her 11 Universal Laws online; seeing she was also a Witch & very much a Spiritual being AND also called Harriette, I dived straight in, no hesitation! The more I heard Harriette’s message, the more I was enticed to move closer to her world.

I joined the Priestess Portal in 2022 (later merged to the Temple) & just absolutely LOVED the vibe from the beginning, although I knew I had healing work to do on myself.

I’d had my eye on a Luxe Retreat for a while. I wanted the best, even though I knew I’d have to stretch out the credit line. I had absolutely no doubt that it would be the beginning of something utterly life-changing. The Luxe Day was released and I moved at LIGHTNING pace to ensure I bagged it – I wasn’t going to miss out the opportunity to get in the room with this utter brain & beauty!!!

Harriette hosts her Luxe Days at Cliveden House, a breathtaking 5 star RelaisChateaux Hotel nestled within the National Trust who manages the stunning, historic grounds. The place practically purrs it’s so luxurious! I was blown away to have been given a complimentary upgrade to the Canning Suite with champagne in the room which was beyond beautiful. 

We settled down to business quickly Harriette, Chloe & I – I immediately felt at ease. We looked at my energy (Human Design, my Numerology etc) before doing anything else, because both Harriette & Chloe tapped into my energy in order to serve me best – now I understand the Energy/Strategy/Energy piece implicitly, it truly works! 

Over the two days, Harriette & Chloe worked tirelessly to ensure that I was comfortable, seen & heard, and supported in birthing my vision for The Witch of the Lakes. Harriette is utterly magnetic & even more magickal in the flesh. There is something so very affirming & powerful about being in her presence & I wish I could bottle it to keep with me always! Chloe’s eye for detail on branding & marketing is outstanding, & I couldn’t be happier with what she created for me in terms of that. I felt so calm during the photoshoot & both ladies made me feel entirely comfortable & confident throughout despite my lack of experience in this field. 

I turned up in February to Cliveden House with ideas, excitement & passion to persevere but requiring strategy & the insight that an already-experienced businesswoman possesses. I was served wholly & wonderfully. I implemented the strategy straightaway & soft launched my business at the beginning of April, with the hard launch at the beginning of May with a sold-out, in-person event at Brantwood, John Ruskin’s former estate. I was delighted to say the least!

I have just completed Money May with a very respectable four-figure month which I’m very pleased with as it has been my very first full month of trading!! I look forward to cultivating more & more with a combination of compounded devotion & non-attachment. 

The impact that the Luxe Day had on me was profound; I vowed to return to Cliveden because the vibe was just so immense! I didn’t envisage it to be so soon as June but as soon as I saw that F.E.M.M.E. was in-person at Cliveden, I moved rapidly! I cannot wait to return & bask in the knowledge & wisdom that Harriette not only has to offer, but reflects back to me so wonderfully. I fully intend to return  year upon year! 

Thank you Harriette & Chloe for your love, dedication & excellence in helping me bring my vision into fruition. I love you both unconditionally. Thank you!”

Marina the Soul Alchemist

” Before I signed up I didn’t know what to expect other than there was going to be a focus on my business and a photo shoot but knew I was ready to take my business up a notch and energetically I knew that this special day would activate it.

The experience started as soon as I approached Clivedon House and could tell was going to be fully immersed in surroundings that screamed luxury, quality and 1:1 personal attention.

Harriette (as always) was super attentive throughout the day and made sure that all my needs were met, whether that was ensuring the location was right for my photo shoot, I went way with a clear plan for tweaks to make in my business, and that I was nourished with the best food and drink!! 

Of course the day flew by and by the end of it I had a strategy, many amazing photos and what to work on in terms of my mindset.  And the experience didn’t end there.  

Chloe set to work on creating the most stunning images for me to choose from for the 3 Akashic offers I was focusing on.   Carefully listening to my needs, she has managed to capture exactly what I was looking for and the designs I got back were just so aligned with where I have taken my business. I am beyond delighted.

Since the Strategy Day I’ve leaned deeper into understanding my ideal client and the transformation she is looking for and how I communicate with her – this was a huge block for me but have worked through the resistance as I know this is where the gold is for me to offer more.  I have aligned my service prices to reflect the transformation I offer and my company branding that Chloe evolved is now being used through my whole offer suite.

The shifts continue to happen even 6 months on, this is more than a day this is a whole up-level you are signing up for and it will take you beyond anything you could dream of.

Thank you Harriette for being in my world, I wouldn’t be where I am without you!!”

Courage & Camomile

” I just want to say that the magic of those days and the photoshoot and all this design work is fucking incredible and is totally transforming pretty much the way we look at, do and talk about all the things.

I keep noticing tiny little tweaks and upgrades I want to or am making to things. Bits of bollocky nonsense hanging around from BC (before Cliveden haha) that stick out like a sore thumb and are now being eradicated!

So basically thank you times a million xx”

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